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Website and graphic design FAQ


Questions and answers on Web Design.

Working with a web and graphic design agency can be a little overwhelming as there as so many things a person would like to know.

Some of the more common questions are featured on this FAQ for your convenience. Should you have other questions or need explanation of a existing question do not hesitate to contact us on 078 384 6804 or via our contact form

  • How Much does a website design cost?

  • A basic Basic html one page website costs about R2000.
  • A more complex website such as a eCommerce, business or personal website design that is dynamic costs about R6000.
  • Website cost can also vary on the amount of changes and revisions of the website which is states in our quote. After the revisions are exceeded we charge a hourly rate of R150.
  • Website cost can also vary on the amount of content provided by the client, many times we find that we need to source photos generate content for web designs this is usually included in the initial quotation
  • Do you create WordPress themes ?

  • Yes we design WordPress themes for personal and business use as well as non WordPress websites.
  • The themes we design range from personal websites, portfolio websites, eCommerce websites blogs and much more.
  • What kind of hosting do i need for my website?

  • To have you website live you need to first register your domain name with a hosting company. This usually constitutes a yearly fee.
  • Secondly you will have to pay a monthly fee to the hosting company depending on the hosting package you have chosen.
  • If you are doing transaction on your website is is always advised to purchase a SSL certificate to attain HTTPS domain that is more secure.
  • As a design agency we provide full support and assistance on all these processes and step by step breakthroughs.
  • Do you create search engine friendly websites?

  • Yes our websites come with superior on-page optimisation to be easily crawled by google and indexed.
  • Our service includes setup of google analytics and webmaster tools and google sitemap submissions all which assist your website to be search engine friendly.
  • Our website architecture is are always designed with both users and search engines in mind, from correct title tag use, to relevant content and meta tags.
  • How long does it take to design a website?

  • Our web design takes place in 4 stages which usually take about three weeks at most.
  • The fore mentioned stages are a draft phase, revision phase, deployment phase ( going live ) and Monitoring of your website for 1 week on its new domain.
  • How do i maintain my website as a business owner?

  • Maintaining a website is as simple as updating blogs, advertising and promoting your website for traffic via social media channels and directories or word of mouth.
  • We also offer a inclusive service of one month free maintenance.
  • What payment methods do you accept?

  • We accept pay-pal and EFT transfers.
  • Where is your company based?

  • We are based in East London South Africa but work with international and inter provincial companies.
  • Are your web designs fully responsive for tablets, smart phones and laptops?

  • Yes all of our website designs are designed to be fully responsive. This means that whether the user is visiting your website on a phone tablet or laptop the website will adapt to fit the screen size and browser rules.
  • Can i update my website myself?

  • If you have a content management system like WordPress, updating your website becomes really easy so yes.
  • We also offer a service to update your website for you should you not have the time or understand how to.
  • How do i get a quote for a web design?

  • You can simply contact us via phone, email or face to face and request a quote here.
  • Do you have references for your web design services?

  • Yes our we have a testimonial section. Our portfolio also contains many live websites with real business owners and clients of our whom you have full permission to contact regarding our services.


Graphic and logo design questions and answers

  • How much do your graphic design services cost ?

  • Logo design ( 3 variations with 3 revisions ) are charged at R650 a design.
  • business card designs are charged at R250 for a single side and R350 for a double sided business card.
  • company and personal letterhead designs are charged at R250 eatch.
  • Html Email signatures are charged at R150
  • digital and print media flyers or posters are charged at R350 each.
  • Brochure designs ( z fold / Gate fold / Tri fold ) are charged at R500 each .
  • Pamphlet and newsletter designs : cover page R250 and R100 for interior pages.
  • Banner design such as Pull up banners and shark-fin banners are charged at R450 .
  • Magazine design : R450 per cover page. R200 per single page article. R300 per full spread article.
  • Photobook design : R150 per cover page. R250 for scanning and photo editing.
  • What format will i receive logo, business card or letterhead designs in?

  • We provide our graphic design in all formats Jpeg, png scale-able vector graphics, PDF and a working adobe illustrator file.
  • We also provide artwork in RGB and CMYK panthone colour formats.
  • What graphic design services do you provide?

  • Logo design ( 3 variations with 3 revisions ) are charged at R650 a design.
  • Single and double sided business cards
  • Company and personal letterhead designs
  • Html Email signatures design
  • digital and print media flyers or posters are charged at R350 each.
  • Brochure designs ( z fold / Gate fold / Tri fold )
  • Pamphlet and newsletter designs
  • Banner design such as Pull up banners and shark-fin banners
  • Magazine designs
  • Photobook designs
  • How do i request a design?

  • You can contact us via telephone, email or visit our offices to request a quotation, or simply contact us via our contact form
  • Do i need to provide content for my design?

  • It varies in most cases the artwork and content will be generated ad design by us, in some instances however where you require you own personal photos to be included you will need to provide that in the best possible quality. We will alter and improve you images via Photoshop.
  • If you do not have images we source images from online stock photo sources.
  • Are the designs my property once paid for?

  • Yes once paid for all artwork belongs to you, however this excludes the working files unless agreed upon.



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