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Does my business need a website? 10 reasons to get a website business.


Does my business need a website?

10 reasons to get a website for your business. 

Many small business owners ask the question: Do I need to invest in a website for my business? I mean we have gotten this far without one right? The answer is an absolute yes, but don't just take our word for it. Let's dive into the variety of benefits of a business website. Here are 10 reasons why you need a website for your small business.

1. Websites offer credibility  

Maybe you are a long-established business with an excellent reputation and have lived off of this as a means of attaining new clients. For every client, you gain there will be those that hear about your business through word of mouth or your other marketing efforts. In our digital age, not having a website for your business is suspicious and you will not be able to convert as many sales as you would if you have a more stable digital presence. Customers will seek you out online and having a website is one of the criteria for determining trustworthiness.

2. Websites offer greater reach as an extension of your physical location. 

Your priority with a website is to invest in a digital marketing plan that allows your website to reach potential clients within your immediate location. However, having a website is like having a brick-and-mortar place of business without one major restriction. Reach. Websites allow you to reach an audience across the world. Some may become clients, some may become investors, partners, and suppliers for your business. None of them would have found you without a website. 

3. Website are can offer your clients more. 

Websites don't have to be static digital brochures, although there is nothing wrong with that there is potential for so much more. You could use videos about your business or its offers, offer instant chat with sales & support teams, sell your product online, offer how-to articles on your business products or services. 

At its basic core, a website design replaces a brochure. It is informational offering people insights into who you are, why you are different, and what you provide or sell.

At its best, a website can build community, connection, and loyalty with clients and turn potential clients before they ever walked through your business doors. 

4. A website can cut business marketing costs. 

Marketing is the core fundamental of any business and most often its greatest expense. Many small businesses who don’t have a website still rely on Yellow Page ads or traditional advertising to get their name out there such as brochures billboards, radio, or television ads. These methods of advertising are often quite expensive and not even targeted. 

Websites cost much less than they have in the past and give you a wider reach than regular advertising. 

You could use Google Adwords and specify the exact demographic you want your website to be shown to. You could social media marketing on your Facebook business page to lead users back to your service offerings on your website. Keyword research and traditional search engine optimization can help your business website rank well in Google for purchase intent questions. All this for much less than what your business would pay for traditional advertising. 

5. A website can highlight peer reviews increasing conversions. 

In today's world consumers trust peer-to-peer revisions more than any sales pitch your business could ever come up with. Google My Business reviews, Facebook recommendations, and Trustpilot of Hello Peter reviews can be integrated into your website. A study by The University of Twente confirms that reviews are highly popular among consumers considering a purchase: 98 % of the sample population check reviews and 60% do this often or quite often.

 6. Your Business Website is The HUB of Your Marketing 

Whatever you want to do in business today, the first place where it should go live in your website. 

The first marketing step is having a business website. This means before you have your brochures, business cards, and flyers printed. All the information, that can be useful and helpful to your clients should be live on your website. 

Then you can go and do the rest. Every marketing campaign should first be live on your website landing page so that what is written on your flyers, or in videos, or brochures can lead them to your website.

Graphic Designers should create print and video materials in such a way that motivates people to visit your website for more information. A website should present your business services and products in the best possible format, reviews, and additional offers.

7. Websites allow research before purchase 

What is webrooming you may ask? When a client researches a product that is not available online before making any purchase decisions.

For example, your business may sell taps, a client will go to your website and those of your competitors and browse the different options available to them. This will determine which stores they visit to make their purchase. 

You can get more customers buying from you after they inform themselves about your product. Webrooming is a good tactic for local stores to employ.

8. A website allows a business email. 

Online scams and fraudulent practices are still on the rise. More than ever consumers are aware of this. It then should come as no surprise that in addition to having a business website, you also need a business email address. (Mail servers and web servers often come together in web hosting packages.) This is because scammers predominately use disposable email addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, and yahoo accounts. 

Having a proper domain name email for your business lets allows for more trust. In addition, it also allows your client to remember your business name. 

It also just looks more professional. 

9. Websites allow you to compete with the bigger guys. 

Due to the relatively low cost of websites when compared to brick and mortar places of business. You can create a website that is on par if not better than a bigger industry competitor for far less than forking out money to increase infrastructure.

With a well-designed website, that has the right strategy behind it, you can and will mix with the big guys.

Your website can answer questions that big companies’ website doesn’t because they have become too big to realize that.

10. Your competitors have a business website 

If none of these points have convinced you to get a website for your business we have saved this one for last. 

Customers these days are researching what to buy online. This is usually the starting point of the buying decision. As we saw at the beginning, the vast majority of buyers will rather buy from a company that has an online presence. If you are not online, you are not following technology and you are falling behind your online competitors. You are giving your potential clients an excuse to buy from your competitors.

In summary, the reasons your small business needs a website are:

  1. Your competitors have a business website 
  2. Websites allow you to compete with the bigger guys. 
  3. A website allows for a business email. 
  4. Websites allow research before purchase. 
  5. Your Business Website is The HUB of Your Marketing.
  6. A website can highlight peer reviews increasing conversions. 
  7. A website is can cut business marketing costs. 
  8. Websites offer credibility.
  9. Websites offer greater reach as an extension of your physical location. 
  10.   Website are can offer your clients more. 

If you are still wondering why small businesses need a website, I hope you have gotten enough reasons to get your business online.

But it’s not enough to have a website if that website is not professional or it doesn’t have a good design.

Your website should reflect your brand. It should be a reflection of your values. You should tell your story and give the visitors a journey from the start until the end of the buying process.

The website should be designed for the needs of your ideal customer (or customers). But that said, it’s not just about your pages, you should also care about your posts. They should bring your brand closer to your potential customers.

Hopefully, you can see from the article, that it’s important to have a website designed with strategy in mind, so it can support your marketing efforts.



We understand websites can be daunting and confusing but don't worry we've got you. 

Should you need a website design quote or simply just some advice feel free to contact us below.

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