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Deciding on a web design agency can be a difficult and often risky process.

How do we decide which web design agency is the best option to go with?

When users seek a website for their business they will usually go to a search engine and enter a query relating to web design and their location. Google has a very sophisticated algorithm with over 200 different modifiers to make sure that whatever query you as the user enter into the search box online will yield you the best, most relevant results to web design.
However with the introduction of search engine optimisation, anybody with the knowledge can manipulate the results shown to the point of it not showing the most relevant answer to the query you entered on google.
What follows a user’s guide to deciding who is the best web design company or designer in your search results.

Web design pricing.

Web design prices can vary greatly according to what type of website you need, an e-commerce dynamic website will cost a lot more than a static html website. What is important for a user to know is that most experienced web developers or design agencies will advertise a set price. I’ve seen people advertise websites for as little as r250 for a one page site all the way up to r16 000 for a full dynamic site.
So why do I say designers won’t give a public price : because experienced designers know that there are many types of websites that all require different amounts of work and development  resources, that clients often want changes to what they initially asked for. They know that clients often need content or content re-writing, image editing and much more web design is volatile.
If you are seeing a business or freelancer advertising a public set price there is a good chance they are selling you a website template, or simply ripping you off. Why pay R16000 id you require a basic 5 page website. In any case this is not good service as you will not be getting what you pay for.

Company Portfolio

A design agencies portfolio is a great way to further investigate if they are indeed providing what they advertise. Have a look at a design agency or developer’s portfolio, if there is a general theme or similarity running through all of their professional designs you know they are working of the same template or not meeting customer needs to the full. You can tell me a boutique business wants a similar design and structure than a mechanic.
Look for the website’s real online url and see if the design company at question has marked it as their design.  Copying and pasting a website into your portfolio that you did not design is easy enough but very unethical.
Diversity in designs, be it logo designs , web designs or graphic design in general,  Is a very good indication that you are dealing with a professional web designer or design agency.

Client Testimonials

Testimonials are one a the best way to tell of the validity of a design companies advertised skills, sadly even these can be manipulated . Your best bet is to get in contact with a business that recently purchased a design service and ask them about the design company’s standards.

Online Visibility

Great web design agencies and designers go to length to get their work out there, you will find them on google my business maps, social media accounts such as Pinterest and Facebook, they will appear on your search engine. They will be involved in community projects, they take pride in what they create because they put effort into making it. Be it a simple logo design, brochure, or a massive website you will see and hear of their work. They do it all with great professionalism and pride.
They run blogs to speak about the latest trends in design or relay and leave relevant information for their clients prospective questions  such as this helpful guide ( J ).

Their website as a whole.

The last thing I can include is to look at the content of a website as a whole, are they talking about responsive design, search engine optimisation and aesthetic design as their key features?  These things are standard design requirements in my eyes. Not features.
Because again you will see upon looking at a few sites that this is a general theme and if those are their key features or selling points they bring nothing new to the table.
These companies tend to sell a once off product instead of a long standing mutually beneficial relationship which assists your brand and its marketing strategy, in becoming better and stronger via the various online networks of today through various techniques.
Thin content or repetitive content is also a red flag when choosing a new partner. A website should have all the information you need, and be able to give a relative answer to any questions you may have.
I hope this will assist you in your future decisions. I know today is face paced and things need to be quick but by buying a web design service you are investing money into your business it might be worth slowing down just a bit to separate and find your best option.
By Juan Preuyt
New Perspective Design.

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