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Last updated Oct 19, 2022

New perspective design personal websites. These websites are not as common as other website types.

Personal websites as the name suggests, are websites where people can share their stories, thoughts, and feelings via blogs videos, and other content types, about specific on non-specific topics.

Webmasters can also choose to only publish blog posts, or they can expand and sell merchandise, create a community, and more. Personal websites can also be used as business websites main advantage is you can really create a powerful personal brand.

These websites are used primarily by public figures and influencers to feature the person as a brand. Which has its distinctive advantages as opposed to being seen as an actual business.

Often New perspective design will develop and consult on best practices for these websites and how to monetize them via the implementation of Affiliate programs or Google Adsense. Another powerful way these website designs can be used to create money is through making use if influencer marketing.

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