6 Tips for better web design


6 Tips for better web design

Unique design

Business is one big popularity contest.

Every participating party in the design of a website wants a piece that is breaks the industry standard , that stands out from other websites. Users and clients want to standout from competition to gain an advantage by impressing prospective customers. Designers want to add that web design to their portfolio as a way of standing out from other competing designers. Web developers strive for the same and the success in the fore mentioned two categories will ensure that this developer has a wining design to add to his repetition.
Every personal brand , business or blogger has the need for a standout website design. With the advances in internet user interface design and many other interactive website features , having just a original about us page is no longer enough. Users need to be able to interact at a fast pace ,buying , gathering information and answers from your content almost all in “one flowing movement” for an adequate online experience.


Perhaps the most obvious way to stand out is the layout and design structure of your website. Creating a unique website however is a challenge. Dropping template designs and framework structures to create your own is a very time coming process. It is however rewarding to design a piece such as this after creating multiple bootstrap, HTML websites and may refresh and challenge your design process and problem solving capabilities.
If successful your website will almost instantly create a lasting impression on any user who stumbles upon it. That is what any brand wants, to stand out and be remembered as a pioneer on its industry.
The time spent however in creating these masterpiece websites are long. Essentially you are reinventing the wheel. Problem solving , browser testing , and user interface integration take up the bulk of your web designers time . This essentially will lead to a higher cost for these types of websites , it is up to the client to decide if it is truly worth it.


The very purpose of brand design is to create  additional value to a service , product or website by giving it an identity that seems more professional and efficient, or unique from any other brands.
Just Like a unique website this is a way of creating a memorable impression on clients. It usually consists of colour palletes, text format guidelines and web element features that are specifically aimed at the business’s target market. 


Here is one to supplement your branding strategy. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Users today are more inclined and impressed by speed. Speed in purchasing, information delivery and response.
Not many clients these days are too impressed by big walls of text let alone read them, thus imagery is a perfect solution to convey your message in a very fast manner. There are numerous studies showing better success in website designs that incorporate , images and videos and other graphics alongside text , it is a fact. The options for using graphics or motion graphics  are almost endless.
Once again a good fast user experience , with visual stimuli that connect on an emotional level with users are a great way to stand out and gain that distinction you require.


Text and content are incredibly important for many reasons. Its what your search engines like google will use to decide what your website is about. For those that do read or even skim through the content of the website , it needs to convey a reflection of your own or companies culture . In a clear and concise manner.
It is yet another way to communicate with prospective clients and should be done on a personal level and not sound like a sales pitch. Everybody wants to feel special.
Special content writing strategies in ux have been specially designed for this very purpose , dubbed , “content density”. As the name implies , more information in a less text as possible , proper explanatory use of H1 headings and H2 sub headings , italic and bold impression’s on certain keyword phrases all go a long way to more efficient eye-catching content. 


The last thing one needs from a website is complexity. In today’s fast paced world people make quick decisions. It has been studied that the the more options a user has presented to them , and longer they think about a purchase the less likely hey are to follow through.
This is why the minimalist website design is on the rise , to speed up decision making and present a seemingly adequate but not overly abundant amount of options.
Another thing to consider in design is the movement of users through your website, your navigation and internal links should be set up in such a way as to Provide information and guide to a point of sale or contact. Your website retain this usability through responsive web design for all types of platforms , such as mobile , desktop and tablet interfaces.


With the advances in technology in especially mobile devices , data can be transferred at a much faster average rate than ever before. This has destroyed one of the fundamental weaknesses in the usage of video’s. Now that animation and video graphics are easier to use withing all browsing devices it has become a really potent method of conveying a message in a grasping , emotional level. With inclusion of audio and video editing technology like adobe after effects you can tell a story of your brand on your website in less than a minute, engaging humans and more sensory levels than before creating a greater emotional impact.
If a picture was worth a thousand words , imagine a moving one, with audio…
Animation i must admit can go wrong , to much movement on elements can cause confusion on for users, and many browsers like safari and internet explorer still have many compatibility issues, caution should be exercised when one uses these methods in a web design, moderation is key.
The internet is advancing a a great pace, to the point where marketing analysts , graphic designers and web developers are struggling to keep up. This lists described above are graphic and web design elements that can be incorporated now, but always remember less is more.
By the time you have read this article there will be new developments on the web design and user interface front , google will have changed its algorithms once again new devices,platforms and browsers are in constant development. New technologies like voice search are becoming more and more prominent.
Use these techniques but keep and eye out for things to come, i have learnt that in design such as in life , the only constant is change.
Author : Juan Preuyt

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