Gathering Website Content

December 20, 2020

Gathering Your Website Wording

Text transfer can be easier primarily because website text documents/files are typically smaller in size compared to
additional website content comprised of pictures, videos, etc. New Perspective Design makes use of Google Drive in which you will have a content folder / Content request document that will have a ready-made website page structure in which you can simply add the information. See our Website Content Request Doc:


Sample Website Content Pages:

  • Home Page: Introductory Page Content (Intro to Primary Services/Important Info/Promotions/Summary)
  • About Page: History, Bio, Vision, Mission, Values
  • Team Page: Team Members, Member Description/Bio, Links to Social Media or Resume
  • Services Page: Services Offered (Descriptions, Pictures, Prices)
  • Processes Page: Start to Finish Process, How To Get Started
  • Portfolio/Photo Gallery Page: Pictures of Work, Business, Links to Work, Provide Work
  • Reviews/Testimonials Page: Customer Feedback (Internal to Website) or External (, Google Reviews, etc.)
  • Affiliations: Past Clients, Current Clients, Charitable Contributions
  • FAQs Page: Frequently Asked Questions, Policies (Cancellation, Refund, Reimbursement)
  • Contact Page: Address,  Location Instructions, Email, Phone Number, Hours of Operation (Include Time Zone)

eCommerce Website Pages

  • Store Page: Product Information, Specifications, Features, Pictures
  • Documents: Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, Reimbursement Policy


Additional Functionality (Provide Needed Functionality)

  • Membership Functionality
  • Database Requirements
  • Blog
  • Additional Forms/Sign Ups
  • Custom Coding

Below are the (2) ways we recommend to send us the text you need on your website.

1) Microsoft Word Document / Notepad / Document Writing or Note Taking Oriented Program
a. Send your text in a document, and label which page each section of text should be included in
Ex: Home Page: This is the home page, this is the section I will place the home page info
Ex: About Page: This is the about us page, this is the section I will place the about us info

2) Copy Information from Existing Website / Existing Webpage
a. Send your website(s) / webpage(s) links to us and information if we should copy content from certain pages

Note: We do not recommend that our designers copy photos from existing websites. The resolution could have been changed and/or picture distortion could have transferred as original edits may have been resized and/or edited. Please see the process for image transfer.

3) eCommerce Website Wording (For eCommerce / Store Websites Only)
a. Provide (Product Name, Product Description, + Additional Description, and Categories for the Product)

b. Provide Pricing for the Product (Product Name & Price) or for Variations (Product Name, Variation Ex. Small = R10, Medium = R15); Please feel free to use Excel spreadsheets for more complex variations. An example is listed below. (You can also include inventory as well if we agreed to load this in for you)

Sample Excell sheet: New Perspective Design Ecommerce – Website Product Info


Transfer Larger Files
Larger file transfer would seem rather difficult to use, hence the most common file exchange platform being emailed restricts the common user from sending larger-sized files simultaneously. Although, New perspective Web Design’s Research and Development team has provided us with a list of FREE Secured Providers to deliver to our clients.

Image and Video Tips: We recommend sending the original copy or highest resolution you have of your photo(s)/video(s). This is to ensure that only the highest quality of images and photos are put on the website.

1) Compressed Zipped Folder
2) List of FREE Service Providers
a. Transfer Big Files:
b. DropBox:
c. We Transfer:
d. Send This File:

Please note in most cases users will gain access to a Google Drive folder structure to find their content documents, file structures, and folders to upload their images.  

3) Organizing Media (You do not have to do this) As we will provide you with a file structure on Google Drive for your website design
a. If you need us to put certain photos on certain pages: Name the photo and then put – Page Name. Example: Red Car – Home Page.jpg OR for specific areas Blue Car – Home Page Banner.jpg

b. If you have a store: Name the photo the name of the product. Example: Dragon Lady T-Shirt. For more than one photo of the product, name the first image for the primary image and the rest could be numbered. Example: Dragon Lady T-Shirt (Primary).jpg, Dragon Lady T-Shirt 2.jpg, Dragon Lady T-Shirt 3.jpg

Written By: New Perspective Design

New Perspective Design is a leading graphic and web design agency based in East London South Africa. We also specialize in the fields of search engine optimization and online marketing with over 6 years of experience in the industry. Our agency has a passion for growing business online and thrives on mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

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