Ecommerce Website Package

ell your products or services online with your website.

Web Design Package Details:

R5490 Once off

Up To 20 Page Web Design

We create comprehensive and dynamic websites consisting of up to 20 pages, allowing you to showcase your products, services, and valuable content in detail**

**pages and products are not limited to 20

30 Free Stock Images

Enhance the visual appeal of your website with 30 high-quality stock images, carefully selected to complement your content and engage your audience.

Mobile Responsive

Ensure that your website looks and functions flawlessly across various mobile devices, providing an optimal user experience for visitors on smartphones and tablets.

WhatsApp Chat + Facebook Chat

Enable easy and instant communication with your website visitors by integrating both WhatsApp and Facebook chat features, allowing them to connect with you effortlessly.

Contact Form / Booking Forms*

Make it convenient for potential customers to get in touch with you by incorporating a contact or calender Booking form, enabling them to send inquiries or messages directly from your website.

Online Payment Gateway

Integrate your social media profiles into your website, allowing visitors to connect with you on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Shipping Fees*:

Streamline your e-commerce operations by integrating shipping fee calculations into your website, providing transparent and accurate shipping costs to your customers during the checkout process.

Auto Invoicing:

Automate your invoicing process with our auto invoicing feature, saving you time and ensuring accurate and efficient billing for your products or services.

Order Dashboard:

Gain full control and visibility over your orders with an intuitive order dashboard, allowing you to manage, track, and fulfill orders seamlessly from a centralized location.

Newsletter Signup:

Build a loyal customer base and keep them informed by including a newsletter signup feature, enabling visitors to subscribe to your updates, promotions, and exclusive content.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your social media profiles into your website, allowing visitors to connect with you on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Update Your Own Content

Empower yourself to manage and update your website’s content effortlessly with a user-friendly content management system (CMS), giving you control over text, images, and other elements.

Google My Business/Maps Set-up

Maximize your online presence by setting up and optimizing your Google My Business profile, helping potential customers find and engage with your business on Google Maps.

10 Online Directory Listings

Increase your online visibility and reach a wider audience by getting your business listed in 10 popular online directories, expanding your online presence.

EVB (Enhanced Visibility Bundle)

Boost your website’s visibility and improve search engine rankings with our comprehensive Enhanced Visibility Bundle, including advanced SEO techniques and strategies.

API Integrations*

Seamlessly integrate essential functionalities into your website, such as secure payment gateways or customer relationship management (CRM) systems, for smooth and efficient operations.

Custom Functionalities*

Tailor your website to meet specific requirements by adding custom functionalities, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your unique business needs and delivers exceptional user experiences.
*Subject to approval

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