The Real Cost of R300 Websites

Custom Web Design suited to your business needs

  • Our company meets face to face with client to discuss the best strategies based on our knowledge of web design practice and marketing and your unique business experience.
  • This allows us to charge for your deign according to your needs you wont pay any more of less. You pay only for what you get.

Mass produced website templates designed to be sold to multiple users.

  • There is no meeting the only thing unique about your website will be its name the text and some images. The structure and sales tactic however will be based on the template it was designed from.
  • Before purchasing a R300 website take a look at their portfolio they will list only a few projects all that look the same with no real unique design.
  • You pay R300 a month as a base for minimal features. Anything extra will cost extra monthly fees.

What does seo / online visibility cost ?

  • Its FREE, because our websites are designed according to your market goals and unique business, it has a superior structure and unique content. We do Keyword research and implement it and link building.
  • Google loves unique websites, and ranks them highly take a look at our seo page and see how well all of our clients rank and enjoy increased sales and website visits due to this.

What does seo / online visibility cost ?

  • In our searches we have seen this an additional cost in varying packages from R500 up to R1000.


  • Google hates mass produced and automated websites. Without unique content and focused content to your target market google will never rank your website for profitable queries.

What about a google my business listing ?

  • Google my business listing is a great way for local websites to get on the front page according to geo location and generate leads we also offer this FREE.

What about a google my business listing ?

  • Average price between companies R700 – R1000

What about hosting and setup ?

  • FREE, we setup your business hosting environment according to googles best practises for Seo.

What about hosting and setup?

  • Not mentioned, however when your web designer is also your host it becomes difficult to move away of you are unhappy with their service as moving a domain will cost you as much as registering a new one.

What about Business email accounts from my new website ?

  • FREE, our service also includes multiple business email accounts setups that forward to your personal number should you require , so you are always ontop of whats going on in your website and business.
  • What about Business email accounts from my new website ?

  • Average cost R500 – R1000.

What about technical support ?

  • Included in your package, our service includes support for your new website as long as it is up and running. We design websites that are meant to last and stay the test of time.

What about technical support ?

  • Basic Support they also have prioritized support listed on higher tier packages, we believe all support should be prioritized.  

What about updating my website ?

  • FREE, we make use of friendly content management systems that allow people with no coding knowledge to easily change their website pages as needed. We also offer free support and advice on this 24/7

What about updating my website ?

  • Any Changes to your website are charged for per hour.

What is the catch ?

New Perspective looks to build quality websites and offer these services free because they assist in you online visibility and sales.
We often find having a few good relationships with business owners allows for expansion in other areas as you business grows which in turn advertises our effectiveness as a web and graphic design company.
Often times business run events or require new marketing materials or re branding and having provided excellent service before we as a graphic design and marking company get asked to do this

To us its all about a mutually beneficial business relationship

What is the catch ?

Within 3 – 4 months you would have payed for more than what we charge for all these services along with much wasted time and hassle.

Because they are also hosting company you if you are unhappy with their design service moving to another hosting company will cost you as much as registering a new domain.

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Written By: New Perspective Design

New Perspective Design is a leading graphic and web design agency based in East London South Africa. We also specialize in the fields of search engine optimization and online marketing with over 6 years of experience in the industry. Our agency has a passion for growing business online and thrives on mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

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