Case Study: Chemex

New Perspective Design Case Study: Helping Chemex  Achieve Online Success

Chemex approached about 3 years ago and was looking to finally get online with their products. We understood that due to the everchanging nature of their business prices, it was difficult to allow for an online store. At the same time, they needed an online presence to move their brand forward into the new age. 

Website development:

We developed a custom solution for Chemex which gave all the feel of the online store, adding items to a cart, and products arranged in an intuitive way for users to find. The website had to be mobile responsive and fast, it had to be able to serve customers buying single items and regulars buying in bulk.

This is where we stepped in with an RFQ solution, all the features on an online store but no pricing, instead a quote. The user could pick what items and quantities they required and send it off for a quote request. This system would then mail the Chemex team all the items already listed in a blank invoice form. They just had to fill in the numbers.

The solution worked fantastically well, it also allows Chemex to switch to an online store whenever they want. 

Result: Paired with our on-page SEO the company acquired the online traffic they had sought.

Website repair. 

We keep uptime trackers on all our websites so when Chemex’s website went down due to their hosting provider upgrading their PHP version without consent.

Our team worked to identify and fix all these problems, ensuring that the website was optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. We also implemented best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the site’s visibility and drive more organic traffic to the site.

We make sure that the websites we design are incredibly scalable. As soon as the website was back up it started tracking traffic again. All systems were upgraded to run smoothly with the latest version of PHP and will be safe for years to come. 

Expanding Branding:

Our team worked with the client to expand their existing brand identity that would carry across all their online and offline marketing materials.

We designed banners, graphics for flyers, and labels for Chemex. 


Our collaboration with Chemex was a fantastic experience that showed that even the biggest of companies can always do with a little extra. We still work with them on an on-off basis as they require us for graphic design items or website updates.  Chemex sits in a very dominant position in the digital space for their industry and will be hard to unseat. 

Written By: New Perspective Design

New Perspective Design is a leading graphic and web design agency based in East London South Africa. We also specialize in the fields of search engine optimization and online marketing with over 6 years of experience in the industry. Our agency has a passion for growing business online and thrives on mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.
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