Case Study: Hampson Projects

New Perspective Design Case Study: Helping Hampson Projects Achieve Online Success

Hampson Projects is a construction project management company that provides high-quality services to clients across various industries. They approached New Perspective Design to help them improve their online presence through website design and development, social media marketing, and branding.

 Website & SEO Redevelopment:

The team conducted a thorough analysis of Hampson Projects’ brand, target audience, and competitors.

Based on the findings, the team developed a modern, user-friendly website that accurately reflected the company’s expertise and professionalism.

The website included a responsive design, intuitive navigation, and clear messaging to help visitors understand the company’s services and value proposition.

With Hampson Projects being fairly new, we quickly found out that one of the major issues in this industry is a lack of trust. The website was thus designed to emphasize accreditations and consistently update work done to reassure any clients.

Result: Although Hampson Projects is new to the industry its already widely trusted and dominates traffic acquisition for painting and renovation queries on Google and Facebook. 

Social Media Marketing:

To further solve the issue of distrust in the industry our team developed a social media marketing strategy that included developing a social media presence on relevant platforms, creating engaging content that resonated with their target audience, and leveraging social media advertising to reach a wider audience.

We also implemented a social media analytics and tracking system to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize the strategy.

Results: The new social media strategy helped increase brand awareness and the team’s direct communication with clients. As an indirect result, it diminished any fears of the company, showcasing its credibility and professionalism. 

Expanding Branding:

The third part of our strategy was to gain brand awareness. We also expanded on existing branding by creating visually appealing billboards and social media videos and graphics.


By collaborating with New Perspective Design,  Hampson projects has in less than a year become one of the top contractors in East London for renovation and painting, competing with business that had been established years before.  

We continue to work with Hampson projects on a weekly basis and while we truly believe we are good at what we do, it has been the collaboration of our experience and the team at Hampson Projects dedication and passion for excellence that has truly made this a success. 

Written By: New Perspective Design

New Perspective Design is a leading graphic and web design agency based in East London South Africa. We also specialize in the fields of search engine optimization and online marketing with over 6 years of experience in the industry. Our agency has a passion for growing business online and thrives on mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.
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