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We provide custom graphic logo design to East London as well as other digital media and print media deigns to further enhance the look and marketing ability of your brand. Logos are a integral part of business as the visual communication of a logo represents and tells the companies story before anything else. A good brand and logo can raise the value of a product to consumer without even changing the product itself. We strive for professional, clean and memorable business logo designs and company branding that provides good marketing communication and sets your brand on the next level.

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Brand identity design follow a set guideline to enhance the overall cohesion of a brand using various color schemes, fonts, layouts and so forth. This set of rules creates a cohesion that becomes memorable and recognizable in the eyes of the customer. Its creates a impression of professionalism and strength. Visual devices that are included but not limited to: Logo's, letterheads ,business cards ,flyer's ,stationary ,marketing collateral and signage. Graphic designers form the foundation of brands but consumers "make" the corporate image of the brand.

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Marketing strategies for brands cover a broad spectrum, search engine marketing , public relations, visual communication, pay per click and much more. It involves assessing a brands business environment internal and external, strengths and weaknesses. Developing a plan to increase sales and gain a sustainable competitive advantage over competitors. A marketing and advertising strategy is aimed at a target market and is the basis of the formation of mission statements right down to the logo design overall branding aesthetics of the business and product itself.

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