Why a pretty website isn’t enough to get clients


Whether you spent some money on a new website design or are looking to create a new website, without these tips you will be stuck without clients. Read about the important components that bring it all together. Having a pretty website is not enough. Yes, as a web designer, it’s my job to make your website look good. But, a pretty website does not just instantaneously bring in new clients. There are a few other important components that you need to think about when you’re building your website.

Websites are often referred to as the virtual home for your business. So, let’s think about it in terms of your house. You don’t want a gorgeous mansion, that has no electricity or running water. You don’t circle your house with a river of lava so that no one can can come over (or maybe you do?). You buy a house that has curb appeal, has all the working parts, and is in a good neighborhood.

So, what all do you need to think about when building your website?


A pretty website is not enough, but, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the design either. You can’t build a house, and then not put paint, siding, or bricks on the outside. (That might be considered a shack…  but you get my point.)

The design of your website needs to be cohesive with your brand. I recently talked about a few websites that I updated because my clients didn’t feel like their website accurately represented their brand.

But, part of design is also the functionality of your website. There’s the aesthetic part of design (makin’ it purrrrrrty), and there’s designing the flow + user experience of your website (keepin’ people happy). It needs to be easy for your audience to know where to go next, how to contact you, what action to take, etc.


Design is what attracts people, and helps keep them interested. But, if they start to read your website and it’s boring, doesn’t use correct grammar, or is hard to understand, they are likely going to leave.

Your copy needs to have personality. Your copy needs to talk to your audience. Your copy needs to make sense. Study books on improving your writing, find an e-course that will help you with it, or hire a copywriter.


You may be one of the best financial advisors in your area (or your niche), but if your website doesn’t pull up in a Google search? You’re missing out on potential new clients. I love word of mouth marketing as much as the next person, but I’ve gotten dozens of clients this year who found me in a Google search because I was one of the top ones on the first page of results.

SEO is a tricky beast, that many people struggle to understand. Depending on your website platform, there are different places and ways to maximize your SEO potential. On Squarespace – which is what I use – there is the basic description of the site, the actual SEO description box, as well as image alt tags, page descriptions, and blogs. Utilizing all of these spots has helped land me on the first page of Google for my keywords. Remember that SEO does not happen overnight – that’s not how Google works.

Google Analytics

A mistake that many people make with their website is that they pay to have it designed and set-up, and then …… they leave it. For years. If you don’t blog, there’s not much to update. But, updating services, portfolio, prices, and new team members are details you need to keep updated.

Google Analytics is a super useful, and free, tool that can help you with your website – especially if you have a blog. With Google Analytics, you can see what people are searching for when they land on your website. You can see which pages (or blog posts) get the most visits. Using this information will help you to create more useful content that will bring even more people to your site.

What are you going to do about it?

Now, this is a lot to think about and handle as a business owner. You’ve got client work to do, orders to fill, and frankly, you are tired just thinking about all the research and updating it would take to update the design and copy, much less, figure out how SEO and Google Analytics actually works.

We can help you get started with a FREE consultation, no charges.

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