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Branding tips and solutions for small businesses

Building a brand identity goes hand in hand with building the brand itself. As apple has so successfully done, your brand needs to create a social status around itself. Consumers must want to associate with your brand for many reasons. Ultimately when people buy a product or service they are also buying a status, one that is tied to your business brand identity, with that product or service. We as a brand design agency explore the topic of branding in this article.

Branding Tip 1 : Special business events for your target audience

Company events are of the best ideas for creating brand identity and awareness. More importantly meeting your potential clients. Crack out the the branded sharkfin banners, business cards, letterheads and signage you had designed so long ago, we are going offline with this one.

With this branding strategy logistics are key. You want to be situated in close proximity to your target audience. You can work with schools, churches and other local influencers to obtain reach a even bigger audience.

The events will provide an opportunity to interact positively with your target audience and this will promote business name and create a brand presence whilst allowing you to showcase your products or services.

Its a win win.

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Branding Tip 2 : Build Long-Term Relationships with Your target audience

Ever heard of the term apple fan boy? That my friend is brand building success.  Its not exactly small business branding but it should be what you are aiming for.

People who are so in love with a brand and what it represents to them on a personal level that negative business occurrences against the brand are dulled and tossed aside as if they were myths.

I am going to point to apple users again. Everything about apples brand story, from the logo, web design to their general press statements screams social status . They make their clients feel of a higher social status just for using their products and they do a very good job at it. They know people care what other people think and they use it perfectly.

Small businesses should look to build relationships with their target audience instead of once of sales. Clients who fall in love with your brand are much more likely to come back to your product or service, and much more likely to spend more for it because they have been convinced it’s a better service or product.

Branding Tip 4 : Social Media awareness

Social Media campaigns are the most common and powerful promotion and brand awareness methods. You can almost effortlessly spread your marketing material among the perfect target audience. Branding companies and consultants make small fortunes in designing packaged content such as videos, digital ads that get used by radio and televisions stations, social media.
Flyers, posters, and business cards get used on busy streets and accompany that newspaper or magazine you just bought in the form of a brochure or advertising.
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Brand contests

Contest are a great way to spread a brands name. By sponsoring sporting events that get all the above mentioned media coverage. Even having your own sports day, online competition or letting uses choose or vote on a product or service and interact with your business.

For small business owners its valuable for more than just that, you are also getting input from clients on what they want from your brand ans so you build your brand accordingly.

Cohesion among all marketing materials

Brand element’s come in various shapes and sizes and each type has sub types including :

Business card Desings


  • Single sided business card design
  • Double sided business card design

It must be noted that the method of printing of a business card can alter its appearance drastically

  • Varnish / Spot UV Printed Business Card Design
  • Embossing / Debossing – Letterpress Business Card Designs
  • Matt Foil Printing Business Card Designs
  • Shine- Glossy Laminated Business Card Designs

Company Letterhead Designs

Letterheads come in a standard a4 template design usually of a word format.

Letterheads come in a standard a4 template design usually of a word format.

Logo types


  • Wordmark logo design.
  • Lettermark logo design.
  • Iconic logo design
  • Brandmark logo


Banner Designs

  • Tear drop banners

For teardrop banners we  supply 2m, 3m and 4m sizes.
Single or Double sided
Includes Fibre rods, Metal ground spike and carry bag

  • Ecosurf banners
  • Small: 2.4m high x 0.76m wide
  • Medium: 3.4m high x 0.76m wide
  • Large: 4.5m high x 0.76m wide

Supplied with Aluminium pole with fibreglass tip, metal stake and carry bag

  • Telescopic banners

We supply in 3m, 4m and 5m.
Supplied with aluminium frame work, metal stake and carry bag

Tri-fold Brochure designs

A common size of most tri-fold brochures when they are opened or flat is 8.5″ x 11″, or a normal letter format.

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