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Owner / Hair Stylist
John Doe

Lise Munreo

Lisa has been cutting hair and doing make up since she could walk much to the dismay of her mother. With a degree in business management and also a qualified buaetician and beaming personality she has all the right stuff.

Qualified Bueaatician
Jane Helf

Jane Helf

"I love what we do here, the culture , the passion. We provide a proffesional service to people who ultimatly become part of our daily lives". - Jane Helf

Make up artist and nail technician.
Joshua Insanus

Jessy Mouton

"Im the girl who will sit by you until youve walked up that wedding isle and make sure that you look asolutely perfect, what woman wants to stress about make up on her wedding day. None . Thats why im here."- Jess

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