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Website design east london

Website design east london

Web design east london , web design east london , reponsive web design east londin. Imagine your website as an Online store ,now think of your content as salesman trying to sell a product. Your sales people are well trained in answering questions and pushing for the sale. In the same manner content is there to provide information and answer the question your customer came to get:"How can this product benefit me?"...SO my answer to you is:Can your company afford not to? With the growing Online sales market you would be like a fisherman without a net. We provide content that is relevant to your product,service and target market. Content that covers their questions and perhaps some added information to seal the deal.
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Consider that first impression on your site visitors. If the web design looks cheap, it won't instill visitor confidence. In fact, most of them will click off before your dancing bear Flash animation fully downloads (and you thought it was so cute).Colors convey messages, faces attract the eye , contrasts pull attention, 20 links in one space will chase away any user. Downplaying certain buttons to enhance the click-ability of another. Is it appealing to your companies intended demographic?An image can convey more information to the brain than text in less than a second. Its all about guiding the user to the point of sale.
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HTML, markup language, css web development. Digital commerce is at the 5% mark of all retail sales and is expected to grow by 17% in 2018. 72% of customers research a product Online before entering a store. The ability for a site to adapt to multiple screen sizes and browsers is not a question of scaling. Its positioning, changing of features and elements , all to optimize the user experience for that specific device. Not having a responsive site is throwing away 5% of your customers. Thats why we design compatibility for all browsers, from the smallest 320px device right to the 2560px mac's and whatever comes in the future. Rest assured we have you covered.
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