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Website design east london

You are driving home on the highway, you've turned off your phone as it was a busy day. Working through traffic you catch a glimpse of a sign ,yes one of those daily dispatch newspaper adverts of somebody stating something absurd,or a shocking economic crisis forecast. You rush to the nearest Shell to buy the paper and see what the hecks going on. Then the Online request to a social event you've ignored for so long, has now arrived in the form of a card in the mail,yes its realization you have to go. This is print media, in your face , no off button , no keyword searches just in your face advertising , that works.

Print media is long-lasting; it can't be deleted. Ive always said that you can prove or disprove and question anything on the Internet, but once you hold a paper in your hands , stating a fact ,in hard bold text,people stop questioning and start reading."If somebody took the time to design and print this, instead of pasting it on the Internet, it must be important."This is how consumers think. For this reason, business cards , brochures , flyer's and posters are something we love to design.
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According to AS Advertising, the MRI Survey of the American Consumer found that so-called ˇ°influentials,ˇ± who sway other consumers, are influenced by print, with 61% reporting being influenced by magazines and 53% being influenced by newspapers. Magazine giant Cond¨¦ Nast has found other encouraging numbers for print, specifically that fashion and beauty magazines now attract around 50% more young (18- to 24-year-old) readers than in 2015.
print media vs digital media advertising

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